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Humane treatment of animals on farms. Modern factory farming commits animals to lives filled with pain and suffering. All animals, including chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs, experience painful mutilations without anesthesia, intense crowding, and frustration of basic behavioral needs. Slaughter is always terrifying and, recent reports have shown, often terribly painful.

Humane clothing. Animals trapped for fur suffer intense, prolonged pain, sometimes even chewing off their limbs in their desperate effort to escape. "Fur farms" are even worse. Animals grow up in tiny cages, which make them go crazy, then they are usually killed with intensely painful electrocution.

Humane research. Animal experimentation is inherently cruel, and non-animal methods are, in many respects, scientifically superior.

Humane entertainment. For example, circuses often use violent training methods; rodeos hurt animals in many ways; and staged fighting (bulls, roosters, dogs) is cruel.

Respect for God's Creation. We are to be good stewards of God's Creation, yet people have repeatedly yielded to the temptation to cruelly exploit defenseless animals.

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God's Creatures Ministry is committed to spreading God's compassion to all He has made based on The Scriptures. Although we are a Christian Ministry, we encourage all to have their own animal welfare committee in their community. We extend our resources to those who would like to learn more or begin their own God's Creatures Ministry as an extension of us. God created us to have a vegetarian diet and commissioned us to protect His animals. Instead, we have exploited them for our entertainment, fashion, appetite and useless, torturous research. These creatures have the right to live as they were created to live. Because we live IN this world, but are not OF this world, we strive to bring God's mercy and justice to all. We live in God's Kingdom now where Jesus, The Sacrificial Lamb, The Prince of Peace, The Lion of Judah reigns. We look forward to that day when all of creation will be 'set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God' (Romans 8:21) where a little child will lead and guide God's creatures (see Isaiah 11:5-9).

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