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ANNE DUHAIME - Anne has always been an animal activist. She became vegetarian at the age of 4 when she discovered meat was made from animals! She started Tri Boro Animal Welfare in 1987. She was elected for town council in 1990 and became the first woman Mayor of her home town in NJ. She built a shelter during her time in office which serves six area towns. She served on the State's Animal Companion Committee for five years. She has been a hospice volunteer for Care Alternative for ten years. She was born in England, and her Dad was a Vicar (minister) in the Church of England (Anglican). She married her husband Richard (a G.I.) in 1961 and came to America in 1963. She has 5 children and ten grandchildren.
JAN FREDERICKS, MA, LPC - Jan founded God's Creatures Ministry in 2001 while living in Pennsylvania. She was Chairman of Catholic Concern for Animals-USA for their first 5 years as a USA branch. She has an MA in Christian Education and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She composed the presentation "God Knows...Animals Matter" and she enjoys the outdoors, music (esp. Gospel), and reading. She produced and directed CHRISTIAN CONCERN FOR ALL GOD'S CREATURES, a 36 minute video based on GCM's 2006 conference.
"The way we view and treat animals affects and reflects our relationship with God" - Jan Fredericks
REV. FRANK L. and MARY T. HOFFMAN - Frank and Mary are retired, and now volunteer full-time to manage The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation and host the web site, which also hosts the God's Creatures Ministry web site.
REV. JANET REGINA HYLAND, 11/30/33 to 10/9/07. We were honored to have had Rev. Hyland on our board.  She treaded where few dare to go battling the evil of indifference, injustice and violence in our world for both people and animals.  She knew that our relationship with God is intimately connected with out treatment of His animals who were put in our care.  She was an Evangelical minister who worked with various groups to meet the physical, material and spiritual needs of migrant farm workers.  She was also the founder and director of Humane Religion, an educational and outreach ministry that focuses on the biblical mandate to extend God's love and compassion to animals, as well as to humans.  She is the author of "God's Covenant With Animals", The Slaughter Of Terrified Beasts and Sexism Is A Sin. She will live on in her writings and in our hearts. Website:
Jan Piszar
JANET PISZAR has been a supporter of G.C.M. since its inception in New Jersey.  She has been an avid animal lover since infancy/childhood.  Over the years, she and her family provided homes for cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and various injured domestic and wildlife. She founded the Animal Club at the age of seven that she operated out of the garage spreading the message "ALWAYS be kind to animals, they are our friends." She's been involved to stop the harp seal hunt with the International Fund for Animal Welfare working with the faculty and staff at her University collecting names for a petition for IFAW. Janet is a long time vegan and  works for farm animal concerns.  She has also been very involved with the protection of NJ wildlife. She founded PUBLIC TRUST Wildlife Management in 2011 and is also under the umbrella of The Coalition For Animals along with God's Creatures Ministry and  local rescue groups.  A goal of PUBLIC TRUST Wildlife Management is to prove and expose, through government documents, that the management of game animals is for shoot-able surplus.  And, that this is in direct violation to the Public Trust Doctrine that the publicly owned wildlife resource must be managed for the public's benefit...not for the hunters' benefit. Janet is thrilled to serve God's Creatures Ministry's mission to spread God's compassion for all creatures.
LAURIE ROBERTS supports her compassion for animals through eating a vegetarian diet and using cruelty-free products. In addition to her job as a medical biller, Laurie is a holistic health counselor who helps her clients improve their lives by moving towards a more compassionate diet & lifestyle. She also volunteers at a nursing home bringing animals to visit the residents. She enjoys physical fitness, movies, music and spending time with her family & friends (esp furry ones!)
MARY SEPEDE, RN, MSN - Mary Sepede is a pediatric nurse who received her MSN from Seton Hall University. Mary has loved animals all her life and has been a vegetarian for over 30 years. She has been a long time volunteer with FOWA Rescue--serving as a board member, cage cleaner, adoption counselor, foster parent for cats and kittens, fundraiser and director of the cat socialization and humane education programs. She has also participated in numerous demonstrations over the years to protest the abuse and killing of animals. She is the lucky parent of a rescued dog, Serena, who was adopted from Puerto Rico, having survived Dead Dog Beach. Serena is her constant companion and best friend. Mary enjoys spending time with her friends and family, birding and ecotourism. Her goal is to see as many distant and wild places as possible.

God's Creatures Ministry (GCM) had it's first meeting in NJ on Super Bowl Sunday, 2003. Jeanne, Mary, Laurie, Jan and Anne attended. We hope that churches and similar communities will have similar animal ministries or GCM chapters.

Brochures are available upon request.
See: El Ministerio de las Criaturas de Dios

Lambie Lambie God's Creatures Ministry is committed to spreading God's compassion to all He has made based on The Scriptures. Although we are a Christian Ministry, we encourage all to have their own animal welfare committee in their community. We extend our resources to those who would like to learn more or begin their own God's Creatures Ministry as an extension of us. God created us to have a vegetarian diet and commissioned us to protect His animals. Instead, we have exploited them for our entertainment, fashion, appetite and useless, torturous research. These creatures have the right to live as they were created to live. Because we live IN this world, but are not OF this world, we strive to bring God's mercy and justice to all. We live in God's Kingdom now where Jesus, The Sacrificial Lamb, The Prince of Peace, The Lion of Judah reigns. We look forward to that day when all of creation will be 'set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God' (Romans 8:21) where a little child will lead and guide God's creatures (see Isaiah 11:5-9).